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Turnaround Squad


The Turnaround Guide is a group of companies offering relief solutions to treat existing pain in your business with an appropriate remedy delivering in time. We don't render consulting services. Our activity includes four core working streams.

1. End-to-End Solutions

We develop and deliver ready-to-use solutions for change management and performance improvement to save your company and enhance operational results. They cover such areas as business tuning, antifraud and internal control, legal support of turnaround cases.

2. Automated consulting

We offer a range of products that include embedded modules of automated advisory that delivers you the necessary consultancy precisely fitted to your situation. Several products include that as a freemium option. We collaborate with well-known former executives from Fortune-500 list of companies whose performance we know and guarantee that the advice you get automatically is professional, competent, and provided by a mature experienced person possessing a successful track record.

3. Handcraft

If your project is large-scale, complicated, urgent, we offer tailored advisory services. We arrange for the project an individually organized team to perform engagement individually customized for your project. We use all range of automated solutions accessible to us, but that's the tailored job anyhow.

4. Education

We can't serve all customers and understand the scope limitation of automated solutions. We offer you to create, develop and maintain your individual expertise to become proficient in corporate turnaround, business transformation, and change management. Our automated products will be complementary to your skills, and together that's enough for you to manage your business whether you are a shareholder, board member, executive, or middle-level management.