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Business Artifacts


The artifact is a special unique thing providing you significant advantages if you find that in a computer game - immortality, mana extension, immediate health repair, teleportation, and others. Business artifacts do the same, but for your business and in real life. Business artifacts are devices that greatly improve your business. Our business artifacts provide you additional protection, temporary immortality, extended business health, a stronger market competitive position, and even business teleportation. They allow you to increase your company's profitability, achieve sustainable, high-quality organic sales growth, reduce costs and improve the capital structure. When you use our business artifacts, your business will become much more profitable and sustainable. Business artifacts are small portable ultra-productive computers dedicated to solving specific business tasks and supported by an appropriate class of mobile and desktop applications. Artifacts are specializing in solving tasks that the human brain can't solve. They are focusing on problems requiring broad and deep applied knowledge in specific academic disciplines and industrial practices. Solving these tasks requires intensive analysis impossible to do without distinguished massive Big Data computations based on the unique source of selective data of limited accessibility, intensive walk-through scenarios, application of decision science, probability theory, and maths statistics.